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FAQ - Questions and answers
Answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers
How much can the temperature be reduced under one of your covering systems?  
  The temperature can be reduced by about 30-40% according to the geographical position.  
Can I install air conditioning inside your covering system?  
  Yes, the system allows space for air-conditioning and heating systems  
Does condensation form on the inside of your structures?  
Can I choose and personalize the internal decoration of the covering system, to coordinate it with my existing décor?  
  Yes, there is an ample choice of colours and patterns, which allow the covering to be integrated 100% into the existing colour scheme.  
I have seen that your coverings can be opened in good weather. How does this work?  
  The telescopic movement of the covering allows the roof to be opened up to 75% of its length, in the case of two mobile modules and one fixed. In the case of just two modules, the covering can be opened up to 50% of the length.  
The surface area of the terrace I want to cover is quite large. Does this mean I have to have a lot of support columns in the area below?  
  In a standard covering system the supporting columns can be up to a maximum of 7 metres apart, thus maximising the space below.  
Can I use different lateral panels other than the ones you manufacture?  
  Yes, our systems are designed so that different types of lateral enclosures can be fitted, other than those which we supply, e.g. in aluminium or glass.  
I have a garden with an irregular shape. Can you get around this type of problem?  
  Yes, our product can be installed even over irregular shaped structures (e.g. trapezium)  
I would like to have a specific shape of the main arch, is this possible?  
  Yes, you can personalize the shape of the main arch.  
We have an annual snowfall of about 35cm. Can we use your covering system?  
  Yes, the structure has been tested to withstand the weight of snow; the true calculation must, however, be made on the basis of the entire surface of the cover.  
I have a large terrace in a bar in Trieste, famous for the very strong winds. Would your coverings be suitable for me?  
  Yes, our structures are guaranteed to withstand winds of up to 140kmph (First Class system).  
What sort of maintenance do your coverings need and how often?  
  The built-in mechanisms of the roof are all auto-lubricating and therefore do not need any direct maintenance. The structure should be cleaned once a year, but this can easily be carried out by the client.  
How are the lateral panels made?  
  The lateral panels are sliding doors, are easily dismantled and are made of an aluminium frame and highly resistant canvas.  
Our company regularly organizes musical evenings for our customers. However, we have to adhere to the regulations regarding noise pollution. Can we use your type of covering in this scenario?  
  Yes, our coverings can be fitted with professional soundproofing, which considerably reduces noise pollution.  
How do you get rid of the rainwater?  
  The rainwater is carried away through an integrated drainage system in the structure itself, right down into the ground. With the aid of specific pipes, the water can be directed into the existing town sewage system.  
I have to cover an area of 10x8 metres. How long is the delivery time?  
  Delivery times differ from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 90 days, according to the level of difficulty of the structure itself.  
How can I obtain a definite delivery time?  
  Production times can be calculated using detailed images of the environment in which the structure is to be mounted, together with the plans and dimensions of the installation area.  
Can I have an idea of how the structure will appear, before I confirm the order?  
  Yes, our graphic design staff will study an adequate solution and will send you an elaborate computer design of the finished product.  
Is the structure designed to house regulation electrical equipment?  
  Yes, there are channels incorporated into the structure itself, where electrical cables can be housed safely and invisibly.  
Can I install your product in a public place, and still comply to fire regulations?  
  Yes, all the materials used in the production of our structures are inflammable and respect the fire regulations for Europe and the USA.  
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